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  • Latest methodology

    The QLANG training methodology was created with the participation of Kazakhstani and international linguists. It confirmed its effectiveness in practice and received many positive reviews.

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    Interactive whiteboard, exercises for independent work, video broadcasting, audio and video exercises, pronunciation training, chat window, collecting points and much more.


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Our students
Joanna Lillis
Мен 2 ай Qlang сайтында қазақ тілін оқимын, жақсы ілгерілеп бара жатырмын. Мен еркіндеу қазақша сөйле бастадым. Әдіснама интерактивті, мұғалімімнен және сабақтастарымнан қуаныштымын. Qlang-пен қазақ тілін оқуды басқаларға кеңес беремін!

Joanna Lillis, ағылшын журналист, Алматыда тұрамын
Semyon Makhov
Since I live in Kazakhstan, I understood that sooner or later I would have to learn Kazakh. But due to the fact that I don't have much free time, I kept putting it off. Having learned about such a convenient way of learning a language, I decided to try it and didn't regret. I like the western style of teaching the Kazakh language according to the QLANG method and the difference compared to other courses is enormous. Now I actively use Kazakh not only in shops or when talking to taxi drivers, but also with many people I meet in my life.
Irina Kim
Due to constant employment and lack of time, I don’t have the opportunity to study textbooks myself or go to courses. The ability to study online was the main factor in choosing the Kazakh language courses. Since I studied only the first level so far, studying at QLANG gave me a general understanding of the language and good listening comprehension. The audio exercises and the recordings we have in our lessons are very helpful. Before, I haven’t had experience in learning languages in this format and now I know that it’s very exciting way of learning, especially for those who have little free time. You can choose your own time when you want to study, and you can also choose a teacher according to your interests.
Daulet Arystambayev
The platform QLANG is very convenient and effective. I look forward to every lesson and understand that you I'm not wasting my time. I have shift work at an oil company in western Kazakhstan. Many foreigners work with us there and in order to communicate with colleagues and work together - I needed to improve my English. Since I have been working in the region for 15 days, and for 15 nights I have been able to attend courses on a regular basis, I could not attend English courses. Studying with a textbook myself requires a lot of time. That's why, QLANG has become the most convenient solution for me. Thanks to my teacher for and the QLANG team for such opportunity!
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